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Prolonged wait for pedestrian green man

Reported anonymously at 19:21, Wed 4 March 2020

This has been an issue for a while and I have reported before. This affects the whole of the junction at Queen Street/Queen Victoria Street. On arriving at crossing on foot the pedestrian "wait" sign is often lit. This morning ~08.50, I waited for over 7 minutes before I could cross. This was despite very light road traffic. The traffic signal over the same period were allowed to go approximately 6-7 times whilst the red man remained lit. I currently have reduced mobility and I need to wait for the green signal. It seems odd tto make pedestrians wait this long. The fact is that most don't and in the time I was there I estimate hundreds just took the chance and crossed anyway increasing risk to themselves and other road users. Yesterday I observed a man in a powered wheel chair crossing on a red signal due the time he had waited. Ironically when I did get a green signal this morning I was almost hit by a cyclist running a red light!! Either there is an issue with the phasing or the priority is to the detriment of pedestrians. I would like to know the outcome please.