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Bus shelter 'ED' removal ON ESSEX ROAD CORONAVIRUS

Reported anonymously at 14:51, Thu 21 May 2020

People waiting for the bus sit on my front door step and I constantly have difficulty asking people to move to the shelter away from my front door step whilst taking my children to school. people throw their rubbish onto my front door step when sitting at the shelter and coming off the bus. This puts myself and my family at risk during the pandemic as people stand outside on our front door step and tough our bin lids, THIS MORNING I caught a gentleman spitting on our door step whilst waiting for the bus. Their are three bus stops on my road (all within 100 metres of each other) that all have shelters, though non of these shelters encroach onto the near by houses as much as they do with mine ( bus shelter ED). Drunk and volatile people tend to sit at the shelter and this creates a saftey risk. please can the shelter be moved so there is only the bus stop post, that is locate further away from my front door. in light of the death via corona virus caused to TFL worker Belly Mujinga, my family is exposed to the virus even more than all of the other people on our street as the bus shelter is right outside our door step and people dwell on our door step whilst waiting for the bus. Best wishes, Lauryn Williams