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Damage being caused by tree

Reported anonymously at 13:53, Thu 28 May 2020

I am writing concerning the large plane tree which is looming further and further over our house. There is also a similar size/condition tree outside numbers 151-153 Joolz Hooker has already registered our concerns but I would like to re-iterate the main issues. Aside from the loss of light and the constant supply of leaves blocking our gutters, more and more twigs are beginning to fall off, particularly with the high winds we are having. I have attached a photo of one on my car and a similar size one fell on my 7 year old son this morning. Kindly regard this as a fault being reported. It is only a matter of time before significant damage or injury occurs as bigger and bigger pieces are falling. Having recently finished a loft conversion we are also concerned that a sizeable branch section falling could destroy this. A local tree surgeon has advised that the tree has been totally neglected and that a lot of the higher part is dead. Furthermore he has advised that the roots will now be so big that they will be damaging to our drains and foundations. A proper pruning/pollarding of the tree, the likes of which is being carried out on every other tree along Lower Mortlake Road, would eliminate the higher issues and stop the roots from getting any larger. The above-mentioned tree surgeon's report will form the basis of any personal injury suit against LBRUT or TFL should anything happen as a result of the negligence mentioned in its contents. A 20% reduction is not sufficient and we should not be penalised purely because the tree has been neglected in the past. The pruning that we pushed for a few years ago ended up being minimal. They did not take it right back and completely left the top. The tree surgeon said it would have taken one more hour to do the higher branches but they had specific instruction from TFL to leave it. I would like to request that you make sure that the tree is pollarded in exactly the same way as the other trees so that we do not have to worry about these issues. We still have an ongoing issue with cyclists using the pavement outside our house when they should use the cycle lane opposite, but nothing has been done to stop them. We should not have to be concerned for our safety, and more importantly that of our young children, every time we step out of our front door. I look forward to hearing back that you have managed to get these instructions to the surgeon as I believe they will be coming back down on our side in the next couple of weeks. If we ourselves had a tree in our garden that was a potential danger then we would be forced to sort it out or face prosecution. I do not think it unreasonable that we should expect the same from the authorities. Your sincerely Miles Black 07775 903161