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Request to install protected lane from from traffic

Reported anonymously at 10:45, Mon 29 June 2020

Member of public has requested this be installed due to vehicles travelling at speed, especially since lockdown began. Member of public comments: VERY URGENT - please create a protected cycle lane round the gyratory - the 3 track road (race track?) surrounding Wandsworth Town Hall. Since the relaxing of 'shutdown' it is hair-raising to cycle or as I do occasionally, drive there. This is particularly so on the southerly, East to West portion, Wandsworth High St. It feels so very unsafe to maintain 3 lanes for cars which currently jostle at excessive speeds in this section. Immediately North of South Thames College, i.e where the one way is westerly there are four lanes (admittedly at times the most southerly becomes a bus lane at times) but by the time the traffic going towards West Hill reaches the section south of the church there is often in effect one lane; much needed buses stopping in the southerly lane. This is immediately after the right hand turn into Wndsworth Plain.