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Reported anonymously at 14:23, Mon 6 July 2020

Please address the situation on Edgware Rd caused by TFL’s Streetspace changes. I have attached a photo from today that pretty much says it all. The Streetspace changes, taking up a lane of Edgware Road, might be well intended, but in practice they are just impractical and worse, dangerous. They have: * Pushed cyclists into the remaining single lane of traffic because the Streetspace areas cannot be used on a bike. LOOK AT THE PHOTO. HOW IS THIS HELPFUL? * Have caused congestion and thus more idling traffic, pollution and frustration. AGAIN, LOOK AT THE PHOTO. * Simply are not used by pedestrians because the pavements are already very wide. AGAIN, THE PHOTO. IS ANYONE FROM TFL ACTUALLY LOOKING AT WHAT IS HAPPENING? The intent might have been good. But they are worse than useless. Please, let common sense prevail and remove them.