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Please stop Streetspace in Marylebone

Reported anonymously at 12:39, Mon 17 August 2020

What have you guys done to Marylebone Rd? There is much less traffic on the roads at the moment and yet I’m wasting hours of my life every week now sitting in polluting traffic on one of the busiest roads in London because a cycle lane has been put in that hardly anyone uses strangling traffic into one lane. Who comes up with these moronic ideas? What’s gonna happen when the traffic builds again? How are tradesmen like me supposed to operate a viable business when they can’t get to their appointments because the road system has been changed into something that isn’t fit for purpose? Is this new layout politically led based on an ideology of removing vehicles from London by left wingers who haven’t even got driving licences because it certainly isn’t based on common sense - it just doesn’t work!!! What are you guys thinking??? At a time when business needs to get moving you’re killing them and the city. You say don’t use public transport and then put up the congestion charge and extend the hours - it’s a contradiction! Shame on whoever thought this up and shame on whoever gave it the green light and shame on whoever implemented it. You should all be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves and if you had any conscience you would revert back immediately.