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Limited space on street - Pedestrians

Reported anonymously at 11:18, Thursday 14 January 2021

What is your complaint?: Pavements taken over by shop vendors on Tooting High Street SW17 0RN and SW17 0SNChenab Halal Meat 106 Tooting High StreetTooting Supermarket 66 Tooting High StreetTooting Market Green Grocers 23 Tooting High Street How has this affected you?: There is limited walking space for pedestrians outside these shop fronts. Under normal circumstances you had to dodge passers by at 66 Tooting High Street due to produce extending on the pavement. This is a busy pedestrian route for staff at St Georges hospital. With Covid it is very difficult to social distance at these 3 particular areas.It is difficult to avoid other pedestrians as there is a constant stream of people. There is a bus stop at 66 Tooting High Street which always has people waiting for the bus. Where is one supposed to walk to social distance?I work at St Georges and this is my daily route.Green Grocers at Tooting Market is a dangerous place normally but with Covid you have no choice but move with the throng of shoppers. Here there is a ATM machine and a phone box. Are they essential to that location?Chenab Halal Meat, 106 Tooting High Street again the shop has permanent fruit and Veg produce on a busy pedestrian area. This again is a route to St Georges Hospital and social distancing cannot be maintained. What would you like us to do to put things right?: These particular shops should have boundaries as to how much they can extend from the shop front. There should be a penalty for extending further than the boundary. Other shops in the area adhere to the boundary lines. Why are these shops exempt?Other option is if penalties cannot be imposed then move the Bus stop from 66 Tooting High Street, remove the ATM and phone box from 23 Tooting High Street. The Chenab Halal shop needs a evaluation of how to use there shop space. With the amount shop space they have what is the need to occupy the pavement? Before long there will be a small mobile phone shop within Chenab halal meat shop.Please do not waste residents funds on Covid leaflets regarding social distancing when we cannot have a safe distance on our route to work.