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Reported anonymously at 23:17, Tue 19 January 2021

I can not believe that there are roadworks taking place once again on Seven Sisters Road with temporary traffic lights. Some already took place before Christmas and some sort of works keeps happening every year on the road multiple times. It’s the worst possible area to carry out works as it’s a significant main road and as soon as something like accidents or works happens, it impacts heavily on the traffic from Finsbury Park Station all the way to Woodberry Grove. People are stuck in traffic on buses and in cars for up to 40 minutes and are then late for work. I had to get off my bus and walk today. I saw a backlog of buses and a huge line of traffic and lots of people about. You wouldn’t have thought it is lockdown. I had to expose myself to more risk by mingling with lots of people while waiting at a bus stop for another bus. Then I discovered that the works are due to take place for three weeks. I now have to choose an alternative route to work which involves a bus, train and another bus because I can not stand to be stuck in that traffic every morning and be late for work. I also have to expose myself to a greater risk of catching COVID by changing more means of transport and being around more people rather than just taking a single bus. Who decided any of this is a good idea? Who authorised the works on Seven Sisters Road and is any consideration given to workers and bus passengers?