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Poor state of pavement

Reported anonymously at 17:18, Thursday 18 February 2021

I tripped and fell yesterday on an uneven paving stone on Jamaica road. I’ve got a very sore knee, a bruised wrist, grazed hand. The reason I’m writing is because I can’t understand why after all the works Jamaica rd. has had on the roads with the cycle way they have completely ignored the diabolical state of the pavement. I walked from my house today on Slippers Place up to Jamaica Road where I fell yesterday ( on the opposite side of the road to sainsburys where the bus stop is.) I was appalled at the state of the pavements along the way , outside the Kirby estate is so uneven I’d be surprised if it isn’t an accident hotspot. Why spend so much money on such a massive works but ignore the pavements around and alongside it. The council must pay more out in compensation than the cost of fixing the pavements. I am 46 , imagine I was elderly, unsteady on my feet, could have been a lot worse. I could’ve banged my head, fell in to the busy road even. It’s no good putting seating areas in that are only used by drunks and dealers , calling it a plaza! We need the pavements sorting out, the lighting made better, these are important for all our safety.