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Pothole causing problem

Reported anonymously at 12:37, Monday 3 January 2022

In the past few months, my house vibrates/moves whenever heavy-duty vehicles/bus goes past on the certain part of Harlington road west, Feltham towards northbound site/ Heathrow. When a heavy vehicle passes over the pinned part of the road which is damaged around the manhole/utility lid, the vehicle jumps and causes vibration. There are lots of cracks on the road and the road is uneven and dipped at that place too. It is closed to the kerb. In the mentioned area, it has a manhole/utility cover and it is not loose and fits in place but the road around is very damaged. I have attached photos and tried to pin the location of the problem on the map. If I say verbally the location is when a person walks around 20-25 steps towards Heathrow starting from the ‘Clymping Dean’ road turn on Harlington Road West and stop at the point when you see a big green box(some utility box) on your left. Stop walking there and turn to see the road lane closest to the pavement kerb. That is the point of concern on the Harlington Road west. I have also attached the photo so that it be easy to find the location. My house is on Harlington road west , Feltham, TW14. Please resolve the issue earliest.