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No speed limit signs = constant speeding

Reported anonymously at 14:54, Thursday 20 January 2022

The constant speeding of all sorts of vehicles in Ambleside Avenue needs to be stopped. It endangers our lives, our lungs and our properties. My photo shows Ambleside Avenue from its junction with Mitcham Lane. It is a purely residential road with a nursery on the near right corner of the photo. The speed limit should be 20mph in line with other residential roads but, as you can see from the photo, there are no speed limit signs and certainly no enforcement of whatever the limit is. This means that many drivers feel this gives them carte blanche to go as fast as they like, which they do with total impunity, especially at night. They do this and pump out massive extra emissions which fill our lungs and blacken our windows. At the same time, the speed and weight of the many buses and HGVs that use the road shake the foundations of the houses. And, of course, over the years many accidents have occurred, both at the junction with Mitcham Lane and at the gentle bend on Ambleside next to Rydal Road. These accidents usually involve cars ending up crossing the pavements and crashing into garden walls and fences, as happened at New Year at the junction. The problem is exacerbated by a number of factors. 0. It is a one-way street and is thus viewed as a short stretch of racetrack by many drivers keen to put their foot down. 0. Where the photo is taken two lanes merge into one so cars start racing to get ahead. 0. Vehicles coming up the hill from the Gleneagle Road junction see a green light at the junction of Ambleside Ave. and Mitcham Lane and race to cross before it changes, so are often speeding as they cross the junction (which has pedestrian crossings). 0. There are no speed limit signs. 0. There is no speed limit enforcement. Solution : A 20mph limit needs to be enacted with clear signage, and it needs to be enforced with a strictly regulated speed camera. Vehicles are going at their fastest outside numbers 26 and 28 Ambleside Avenue so a camera positioned there would alleviate the problem and would raise a fortune for TFL. Thank you.