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Please turn down the volume of the traffic light outside caledonian tube station!!!

Reported anonymously at 20:14, Tuesday 5 April 2022

The following ticket about the excessive traffic light noise outside the Caledonian tube station was sent to TfL (ref FMS3368257) a month ago. Not only has it not been fixed, but TfL doubled the noise instead of decreasing it!!! There is one traffic light outside the Caledonian tube station that was creating sound pollution and its corresponding one on the opposite pavement was quiet (a loud speaker was installed only in the one outside the station). A week ago, TfL added a speaker to the other one as well so now both traffic lights, the one outside the tube and its corresponding one, are beeping at the same time every time someone presses the button of one of them. IT IS INSANE. We cannot work from home or sleep. WE CAN'T LIVE UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES AND WE ARE SERIOUSLY THINKING OF CONSULTING A LAWYER. FYI - I am copy-pasting the first ticket which was followed by multiple other posts from people facing the same problem because of that traffic light! IT CANNOT BE THAT DIFFICULT FOR TFL TO TURN DOWN THE VOLUME. "The sound of the traffic light outside the Caledonian Tube station is excessively loud. It wasn't working for a few days due to construction, and I could finally sleep, work, and relax. Now it is back and I am wondering whether you can do anything about its sound levels. Can you please check the volume to make it a bit quieter for the residents who live in the area? I live a block away, not even next to it, and it beeps in such a loud and regular frequency, my neighbours and I can hear it literally all day (with closed windows - we can't even consider opening them). It is driving us crazy."