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Several Potholes along the most inside lane of road causing relentless vibrations to a block of flat from buses and heavy vehicles on a busy stretch of A23

Reported anonymously at 12:27, Wednesday 13 April 2022

I have yesterday received a notification from Streetcare tfl advising that the potholes have been fixed - Ref FMS3363787. However they have not as can been seen from the photos attached taken 10 minutes ago today (Wednesday 13.04.2022). The vibrations have become more frequent due to increased traffic with life returning to normal. The area of broken road surface have widened and deepened so much that there are now two jolts from each passing speeding bus/heavy vehicles and at times so violent that there are sounds coming from the wall and ceiling structure that are of great concern to those of us living in the block that is located at the corner of 1E Wyatt Park Road with one side facing Streatham Hill Road and with only the width of the pavement separating our building from the potholes hence the strong vibrations are keenly felt. I implore you to please arrange for the repairs of these potholes as soon as possible. Thank you