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Unsafe road layout

Reported anonymously at 22:33, Friday 6 May 2022

Dear sirs, In result of new road layout after roadworks the existing traffic lights in place has been removed without notification to local drivers. the traffic lights in place were controlling traffic emerging from A316-50mph road to B391-20mph road and gradually slowing them down and make it safe for them to enter a residential road. However, the traffic lights have been removed and no information has been displayed to inform road users. In addition, vehicles merging from bear road to B391 cut through the cars intending to merge A316. Eliminating the traffic light has caused high risk of accident between this 4 way junction where cars of different speed are merging without any safe measures in place. I have experienced and witnessed frequent few near misses and this was also validated by my family and neighbours. we therefore write to taken prompt action on this unsafe layout to all road users. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for your assistance in advance. Best regards, Abdullah