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Street light out

Reported anonymously at 09:59, Monday 20 June 2022

Hi there, we contacted Bexley council that there is a problem with the street lighting on sidewalk for residents long time ago on East Rochester Way, DA15 8TF but they told us that tfl is responsible for this kind a problems. The problem is that is so darker , even the motorway A2 is on front of our houses is still very dark, there is big bushes around and trees is dangerous for residents to walk on evenings . the opposite side had new lamps from the beginning to the end from probably 2 years ,but not our side, it is dark and scary on front of our houses, the children are afraid, it is dangerous. Some one can stop to the bushes and nobody can’t see it because is so dark. Our sidewalk lighting come from the motorway A2, there is not lamp poles on it as East Rochester Way opposite on us! I don’t think this is actually acceptable for twenty first century, wintertime is even worse because get dark earlier. From our number houses next to the bridge for the bus is nightmare , even the whole street , some places there is so dark is not acceptable to leave afraid all the time when you passing . Can you please make sure new lighting on our sidewalk to be installing ASAP, this is not acceptable, we lived here 5 years now there is not be any lighting sidewalk improvement , many families with kids or old generations couples, someone can approach our houses in the darkness. You should make sure the residents living safely! Please keep us update asap, we give 7 days for reply , please make investigations , and come back to us . If the problem is not solve asap we can try to reach the media for help. Please find the attached files , it’s clear that the motorway and the opposite street have lights poles but not ours, the pictures are made front of the house , this is sidewalk for residents or pedestrians , unbelievably dark all the time, and all of paying taxes 🤦‍♀️