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Traffic light stuck on red causing major roadblock

Reported anonymously at 09:53, Wednesday 10 August 2022

The temporary work traffic light on Wood Lane, by White City Station and Ariel Way under the bridge - (from the Westway to Shepherd Bush) North to South bound traffic lane is stuck on red - causing a major road block of traffic. Due to the traffic light being faulty it is not syncing with the other traffic lights on the same road, thus causing a major standstill of traffic and a major blockage!! I reported the problem on the 18th July (FMS3677959) on the other faulty light on the South/Northbound carriageway. The current issue has been going on since 01 August, but by 8th/9th Aug has now become critical - I was stuck in the jam on 8th Aug from 17.30 for an hour and half!! I had to physically STOP the oncoming traffic to let cars through. Buses/cars are getting stuck at the faulty traffic light and the oncoming traffic is not letting them through, so they are causing a major jam on the carriageway!!! Cars are at a permanent standstill as there is nowhere to move. There is no telephone number to contact to ask for assistance and no one to direct the traffic, when faulty. I request urgent assistance to mend the faulty light and also check all the lights on this 3-way- traffic light system on this road. If the works in the area have finished (as have not seen any workmen) please can the lights be removed. Thank you